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Data Analyzing

EGoal is an automated retail intelligence solution for mall and Airport analytics, sales capturing, and revenue sharing!!!


Predict future performance by evaluating the historic data. Let’s Start “EGoaling” and achieve your goals by planning accordingly!!!

Real Time Monitoring

Access the EGoal Dashboard from anywhere in the world.  EGoal monitors, analyses, visualizes, and alerts you on every point!!!!

EGoal- Retail Analytics Sales Data Capturing Business Intelligence Solution

Monitors, Analyses, Alerts, and Reports- Virtually Every Facet of Your Retail through an Insightful Dashboard

Automated Retail Analytics Solution for Shopping malls and Airports, for Sales Capturing and Revenue Sharing

Retail Analytics

Airport Analytics

Mall Analytics

EGoal is an intelligent retail analytics and Sales-Capturing Solution for Shopping Malls and Airports that helps to streamline operations and uses retail customer analytics, buying patterns, footfall analytics, retail predictive analytics, shopper analytics, retail store analytics, and Tenant sales data to enhance overall revenue.

The ultimate analytics solution to optimize your business performance with data-driven insights. This innovative future–rich retail analytics solution enables retailers and landlords across the world to leverage business operations through Revenue management, Tenant management, Single view CRM, Footfall analysis, and E-receipts.

EGoal, the retail analytics solution for airports is a comprehensive analytics solution that provides retail tenant sales data reports, airport retail customer data analytics, footfall analytics, etc to optimize the retail business in airports.

EGoal is a cutting-edge solution that provides multiple retail management data and financial analytics along with all traffic data analytics in a single portal ensuring top-class data security. If you are looking for an automated retail customer analysis solution for retail stores in malls and airports, then EGoal is the best choice ever endorsed by retailers globally.

EGoal is a retail analytics solution for Shopping malls for in-store analytics, shopping center management, and tenant management.

The Data is collected and displayed on the EGoal retail analytics dashboard as easily understandable visual representations that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Unlock The Power Of Analytics

EGoal API provides a powerful web services interface that allows retailers to build new applications and increase the value of existing applications within the store. Our Support team is always ready to assist you. EGoal provides comprehensive airport analytics, mall analytics, retail analysis, shopper analytics, retail business analytics, retail predictive analytics, and airport retail management tools to help you optimize your business operations in malls and airports. With cutting-edge airport data analytics and shopping mall analytics, you can make data-driven decisions and increase your bottom line. Our comprehensive retail analytics solution lets you get the most out of your retail business. You got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch …

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us!!!

EGoal Retail Analytics software support Team
What our customer say

“EGoal has all the features we’ve been looking for to manage our shopping mall. The center dashboard is very easy to use with multiple customization options. Since we started using EGoal, our operations have become much more streamlined and efficient. We can easily track tenant occupancy and sales data, monitor foot traffic and generate detailed reports, all from one centralized platform. It has made our jobs so much easier and helped us provide a better experience for our tenants and visitors.”

“When we first implemented EGoal retail analytics software, we were skeptical of its capabilities. But within a few short weeks, we were blown away. The software’s powerful reporting tools allowed us to identify problem areas and make data-driven decisions to improve our mall’s performance. Its customizable features also allowed us to tailor it to our unique needs. We’re so glad we made the switch!”

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