EGoal Offers Future Rich Unrivaled Features for Sales Retail Analytics, Retail Data Collection, Reporting, retail footfall analysis, retail business intelligence, and optimization. The solution is uniquely designed to collect the data from tenants’  POS systems on a Daily or Monthly basis in the most secure way. EGoal collectively provides clear-cut sales and footfall traffic data with insightful analytics for malls, airports, and other retail centers along with informative reports ensuring significant data security. The data can be saved in a cloud or a storage space depending on the user’s requirements.

EGoal is specially designed for retailers and landlords to collect sales data from tenants in Malls and Airports. The extraordinary features include Retail Analytics reports, Revenue management, Tenant management, Footfall analysis, E-Receipt, Business intelligence, and single view-CRM. All your Mall Analytics or Airport Analytics reports can be viewed at a single central dashboard which is accessible to permitted users by providing two-factor authentication. Discover more features of  EGoal and optimize mall or airport retail operations effectively to get a high ROI.